Wed, 05 May 2004

blogging with newton

Paging Jeff Jarvis
Sasser worm hits home
The wonders of pmset
You cannot up this shit make
Winer pal Udell FUDs Atom with no disclosure

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Tue, 04 May 2004

Just stopped in to make sure something was still here. Far as I can
tell it is.

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Wed, 11 Feb 2004

What's doing on the north forty
Open source CMS

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Tue, 10 Feb 2004

Another day on the linkfarm
Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) announced
More AWOL buzz
Java wants to be a mainframe when it grows up
Windows is simple to install. I've done it a hundred times.
Don't they mean it says nice things about the marketing?
How Java Sucks
Isn't Paris Hilton at Etech?
Transcoding your DVDs
SCO: no legs left
Isn't doing it in Bash kind of high-level?
Providing context in programming
Reading, writing, and code

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Mon, 09 Feb 2004

Port knocking
Spiced spinach soup
Fugu, a Secure FTP client for Mac OS X
Incremental search plugin for Mac OS X
Linux renegades
The wily buffer overflow
Unix Review looks at RHEL 3
automating security with cfengine
"Dissing the Guard" spin on the AWOL question
Some Nokia phones can be "bluesnarfed"
The CalPundit scoop starts spreading

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